Sara Hulse Songs, life events and the other stuff

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa away.  In full daylight when he took her to that place. Nothing special to remember,

except the crack in the ceiling by the door.

A little dirt never hurt anyone,nor the grime on the bathroom floor. But she couldn’t see anything

but the crack in the ceiling by the door.


And oh, it’s so cold. Oh, Oh, it’s so cold. Oh, oh, it’s so cold where he takes you.  Oh, oh, oh, oh


She took a shower at home as hot as the water would go. Told herself it was over but then she

couldn’t sleep anymore…and with all the people in the room, she still felt all alone. She took

a walk in the moonlight to a place that she called all her own.


And some nights she slept with one eye open.  It’s so hard for her to breath when places feel

closed in.  She only ever feels safe when she’s alone out in space.  It’s so hard to trust somebody

just by lookin at their face.


She never gets back what’s been taken, but at least she still sings.

And she almost never even thinks about the crack in the cieling by the door.

Tabula Rasa away.  The seed that’s planted’s what you see.

But she’s beautiful anyway and much stronger than he’ll ever hope to be.


But oh, it’s still cold. Oh, oh, it’s so cold. Oh, Oh, it’s so cold when he takes you. Oh, oh, oh, oh