Sara Hulse Songs, life events and the other stuff


The air it tastes fresh in my mouth. I can taste it inside and out.

The blossoms go straight to my room and breath in the truth.  And outside the Earth it could swallow me whole long before

I can get old.  The branches hide everything, but don’t erase memories.

We run back to the field with our demons, back to the real escape;Freedom. Back where I go.


We become the wanted paths, and surely we’ve outdone our haunted pasts. Upwardly I come. Never go

when I’m told.


No-one is pulling me down. My life’s overflowing with sound. I’m happy in all that I’ve found and

I’ll always be proud. The rain, it can cleanse out the soul. Like pain, it’s worth way more than

gold.  The flowers are closer to God; Short to have and to hold.

Whatever you love, you are. Embrace it all right from the start.

Timshel to and from everything; That’s what I sing.

So, when I see your face, it would be everything. Everything’s great.The colors from me and from mine are so bright they could blind.