Sara Hulse Songs, life events and the other stuff



I’ve been waiting for so long to meet you.

I’ve been walking around underneath Magnolia trees.

You’re part of the deep endless sea.

You’re a stellar part of my creative beats, you’re the epitome of all my emotional feats.

And oh how you reach me…

Oh, you forced me to change my ways. Made me the person that I am today.

Baby, you got me in every way. These day’s I make music for your happy face.

It’s like a permanent flood, you are my tears and my blood, all my perfections in one,

my definition of God, and all my ambitions gone awry, all my missions they’re stalled,

my convictions are all right, you’re a million in one. I got a whole lot of songs that were

born around wrongs; nothing compares to truth until you came along.

You brought me some meaning, this gleaming star that I’m feeding.

Your backbone grew from mine. Eyes, skin, hair, all in time.

And oh how the stars align. Oh, How the world slips by.  And how it turned out fine,

just fine, in fact Sublime.


Oh, you forced me to changed my ways. Made me the person that I am today.

It was rare but I threw away my every single care, to find you in my hair.

Magnolia’s everywhere.


My God sent you as an answer to the dances that man planned for, all the fancies that my

hands formed and my lasting stance, so scorned… I may never love another.

No, no beauty can compare, to the Magnolia’s in my dreams.  The Magnolia’s in my hair.

Oh everywhere, everywhere.. Magnolia’s everywhere. Yeah, in my sleep, yeah in my dreams,

Magnolia trees.