Sara Hulse Songs, life events and the other stuff


How do I say? How do I explain?  How do I tell you what I did?

Tell you what happened the other day?

How guilty I am…so buried to my nose.

It’s so scary and it throws me around.

You can hear it in this sound, hear it in my sound..

So guilty, I am bound. I got some bad news.

A real good reason to sing the blues.


I didn’t take your advice. I got a stubborn kind of mind

and now I’m paying a heavy price. Lord, that price aint kind.

The systems got me in its hand. I’m man enough to understand

that I got  myself in a terrible jam.There’s no booze in my hands tonight.

My hands are red and it’s Goddamn  right that they’re filthy.

I find my image is filthy, since you’ve condemned me

before I’m proven guilty.


I’m condemned. I am doomed. Conscience stricken,

regretful in my felonious gloom.  In error I am blameworthy.

This cell smells and it’s so dirty. I can’t wash this out when I get out.

When I get bail, I still gotta think about the guilty.


So, now I’m out of the joint but I’ve got the news to point it out to see.

I know, there’s a lot of disappointment. I am unjointed and untying at the seams.

You don’t got no rights in that system. If you don’t have money

you’re shit to them. You got to buy your rights to have freedom.

You better sell your rights to redeem them.  So when the red light’s start flashing

you better take out your cash when you’re guilty.