Sara Hulse Songs, life events and the other stuff

Good Things

Tell me about your yesterday.  I’ll make it all okay.

Or tell me you want me to go away.

I’ll still stay right here tonight. I think about you every night,

and pray that you will be alright,

that we would be alright.


The way the old days came and went

it seems I’d rather spend them feeling good about things.

So the days I play away instead of making money.(I never have to worry)

I feel good about things.

So good about things, so good, so good. It feels so good.


I’d like to thank you, and its true,

I think you’re beautiful from your head down to your roots,

from the toes inside your boots to your smile.

It feels so good. I want to say that I love you,

all the people in this room.


I got an answer for your blues.  I’ll tell you what to do.  Go home and listen to instrumentals.

Write a poem, smoke some ganja, paint a picture, attend a lecture. Create something real that

speaks the truth about you.


Write a song and take a walk. Sing it as you stroll along. It feels good when you sing.

Plant a flower this coming Spring and tell me when it grows do you feel good about it?

So good about it? So good, so good, you knew it would…the way it should.


Tonight, yeah get on up and dance.  You always have a chance to put on your partying pants and

put yourself in a happy trance.  It’s all you have and oddly enough there’s no money that can buy

this stuff.