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Under Your Wings

Oh, take me under your wings and let me sing just like the angels.

Make me think I’m the only one, believe I’m the only one

and disappear after the lights go down.

Show me you are indeed wise, in between my thighs.

I’m looking I see no disguises.  Deep inside of your eyes..

and what are they? green, blue, grey, or what? After the party, that lady is luck.

And so what if I love to dance when the music is handsome?

along with the rough hands that acompany them?

Oh, take me under your sun and let me sing just like the thunder.

Let me become whatever is unpredictable. I’m only putty now dear.

I took a big whiff of your scent, as you walked near…

and I swear, all I could think about was how I needed another beer.

It’s seems now baby, that we are in the clear. I’ll pack our bags up

and head it West, along with our best… How could they have ever left us?


Take me under your wings.. Oh, let me sing like a bird

when it’s just heard it has flown just way too high.

Life is only a dream.

Life is just a dream; just a beautiful…

seems like it is just a dream.


© 2014 SaraHulse