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May Sara Hulse Band newsletter-The Latest

So here’s what’s happening…

Spring is in full tilt now. Shows are picking up now that we have beautiful weather and everyone’s getting ready for summer!
The past month has kept us busy, playing the Vineyard in Bashakill, Albella’s in Monticello, and what’s become a kind of home base for us lately, Bakers Tap Room in Yulan.
Bakers is a fun show, where they love us and we love them. What’s not to love? Great burgers & pizza (along with a great full menu), great beers, and the folks there are just so nice… It’s kind of become a testing ground for us, testing out new material, having friends sit in, it’s just plain cozy… If you come out to Bakers, it’s more than likely you’ll hear something out of the ordinary for us.

A new CD

We’ve also started preliminary work on a 2nd CD for Sara, recording basic tracks. Sara is soooo good to work with-two takes and we have it. No headphones. No click track. Just Sara, her uke, and her beautiful voice.
We’ll be posting tracks at as we progress, so check there for updates.

A podcast?

We’re trying to get a monthly webcast started, “The kitchen sessions” is the working title. Sort of a kitchen jam session with various guests and friends joining us. This is all in the embryonic stage: just getting started, still too many details to iron out, but we like the concept. Need a time, need a place. So much to do. So little time..

What’s coming up…

Check our list of shows coming up in the next month (as of now that is, subject to constant change of course.)
Plus, there’s always some new project in the works You can check the latest and complete schedule several months out at:

Thu May 07 15 06:00 PM Froggy Daze Fest in Narrowsburg, NY – A good old hippie river festival
Sat May 09 15 07:00 PM Dancing Cat Distillery in Bethel, NY, With special guest.
Sun May 10 15 07:00 PM Rivoli Theatre , Spring Concert Series in South Fallsburg, NY –
Sat May 16 15 07:00 PM Baker’s Tap Room in Barryville, NY – Back at Bakers, with Casey Jones on Fiddle & Mandolin, also Ron Rodkin sitting in on bass. Something a little different for the night. We always like to mix it up at Bakers.
Sat May 30 15 07:00 PM Baker’s Tap Room in Barryville, NY – Back at Bakers, with Casey Jones. Great food, great beer, great people. Perfect mix!
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