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Almost Heaven. Maybe….I hope so

This post is about the past.
Sara never met her father. Her closest direct connection is one photograph. I’ve seen it. You can see Sara’s eyes in her Father.

When you hear Sara play the song “Legacy” you need to listen. Listen close. It’s not one of those buoyant, “feelgreat” songs of hers.

He lived in West Virginia. Up until 3 years ago when he died. I used to wonder why Sara liked doing the John Denver song Country Roads, the one that start: “Almost heaven, West Virginia….”

A few month back Sara asked me if I would go on tour to West Virginia; that she has family there that she just connected with online. Family she’s never seen.
My answer was, “yes let’s do a tour”

But the tour is not the reason-it’s the excuse.

So here we are getting ready, trying to book shows in between scheduling meeting relatives.

In any event what we do in late July is not about the tour. It’s about Sara connecting with her past, connecting with family she’s never met.
It’s far more important than a few gigs on the road.

But we will play it, and we’ll call it a tour. Maybe a little new exposure. Sell a few CD’s

We’ll be on the road in West Virginia from July 19th to the 26th. Wish us well.. Maybe not heaven but I’m hoping the closest thing for her.


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