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March is all about Irish Music

Traditional music lovers look forward to March in the same way the rest of the world looks forward to December and Christmas.

Artwork by Sara's Grandfather Terry Hulse

Artwork by Sara’s Grandfather Terry Hulse

St Patrick’s day is the excuse all of us lovers of reels,jigs and anything irish music use to let the music flow. Musician gatherings abound,  and the bars are drenched with the sound of Fiddles and pipes.

Last St. Patrick’s day Sara and I, having no gig, just sat around at her grandparents house running through a slew of great Irish tunes & reels. While we were having a blast, it kinda sucked that it was just Sara and me; no one else was there to share in the musical bounty. Still the beer flowed and we had a grand time.

Not this year.

This year we’re brushing up on all those great tunes beforehand and will be ready to rock & reel through all of March. This month will be alot of Irish stuff, both real old and “still-warm” new modern Irish, and we’ll be performing them live at venues around the area. We’ll even be playing a beautiful Irish tune the lovely lass herself Sara penned that it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever heard. We’ll have guests sitting in through shows. And I’m sure we’ll come home from the annual folk bash at Rick & Donna Nestlers with a new old tune or two.
So if ye love Irish music, you best be on hand.

Artwork by Sara's Grandfather, Terry Hulse

Artwork by Sara’s Grandfather, Terry Hulse

The set list Sara sent me(complete with comments)..

The Wild Rover in A
I’ll Tell Me Ma in G with dublin style chord pattern swap
Irish Rover in B
Salley Gardens in G
Rocky Road To Dublin – which is a slip jig and I have no idea how we can play it.. lol
Tim Finnegans Wake in A
Whiskey in the Jar… I think we did that in G
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye in Dm
7 drunken nights. maybe in A
What’s Left of the Flag and Drunken Lullabies,If I Ever Leave This World Alive…none of which are traditional..  Flogging Molly toned a million times down by uke.

and last but definitely not least “Boston” – a beautiful Irish ballad written by Sara that I’ve been trying to get her to play out since I first heard it.  A definite must to hear.

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