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Something New. 15 minutes, made in New York

Camera rolling…. hit it.

Kinda fun to be part of the pilot for a new concept show 15 minutes live, Made in New York.

It’s about the live experience. All the little things that go into a performance.  Meetings, logistics, setups, levels, tuning, stage position, camera position, fights, friendships.  You get the idea.

And it’s all done one take. No redos. Live is live.

Not that we were concerned. We’ve all done live, on-air performances. It’s just that, not only is it one shot, you’re done, just like a show, but it’s also forever. It will exist somewhere on YouTube for all our days. That edge puts you on game just a little sharper.

We knew this would be fine, despite the fact that Sara was croaking with a sore throat the day before. I made sure a little blackberry brandy was on hand “for medicinal purposes”. And all went well.

We had a great time, made some new friends  and got some great videos. And we will be back Rock City Academy in Pine Bush to host another show soon.

Here’s an outtake while we were warming up. More to come…..

Dream a Little Dream for Me. Sara Hulse Band


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