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A great night of music.

20131126-091958Last night we played a great show at the Sullivan County museum in Hurlyville, NY . Actually it wasn’t all that great for me-I was sick, coughing up a lung, quitting smoking, and broke a string half way through the show. Had to sing without my ukulele while it was having surgery performed on it backstage to bring it back to life. That sucked but lesson learned-carry an extra uke to shows.

When people tell you that you sounded great it’s hard to tell if they’re being sincere or just trying to make you feel better. I have a lot of dear friends so I guess I’ll never know. Maybe that’s a good thing. Other than all that, the night was perfect and we all still had a good time.

Anyway a special thanks for making it all happen to:

The Sullivan County Historical Society and the Sullivan County Legislature

The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance

Special thanks to Steve Schwarz of Steve’s Music for additional support!

Carol and Aldo and Little Sparrow for inviting us.

Everyone who came out to hear us.

You guys are all great!!!

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