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The CD-in it’s physical form.


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The CD has finally taken on physical form. To celebrate, we have a CD release party lined up at the Dancing Cat Saloon on Friday evening, May 30. We’ll have some special musical guests joining us and we’ll have CD’s available at the Merchtable.

But before then a few other thing happening.

Philipsport Community Center: Philipsport, NY  A wonderful intimate venue, where we love to play, and they love us. May 17, show starts at 6pm.

Toshi’s Living Room: A showcase performance we’ll be doing at a beautiful venue on 26th street off of Broadway, in the Flatiron Section of NYC-we’ll be showcasing to put us in front of a good swath of Music industry people-you never know. And it will be the debut gig in New York City for the Sara Hulse Band-too awesome!

Mysterland: no, we’re not playing at one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world that happens to be setting up camp right in our back yard at the Woodstock 69 site. But we’ll be holding down the fort, musically, at the Dancing Cat, barely a mile away. When the DJ’s shut down and the subs are powered off at mysteryland, you can keep the party going with us. We know how to party!

A busy May has materialized- and we are ready to go!


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