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July Newsletter

What we were up to last month –

In June, we played a lot at our favorite spot, Bakers Tap Room in Yulan.  We had a few very awesome special guests(Tony Penn, Bob Tellefsen. and Joe Granger, Stephen Fauble and Casey Jones of The Rail Birds.)  We also started building a fan base on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River by playing The 10th annual Honesdale Music Festival and The Milford Music Festival. The folks across the river really love us and we appreciate their feedback and support. Definitely looking forward to playing more in PA.
What we’re up to this month –
After a month of business in June, we are now in the thick of our summer gigs.
The evening of July 8th, we will be playing as a duet at Albella Family Restaurant in my hometown of Monticello N.Y.  Their food is quite good and the place has a very friendly atmosphere.  So far, their white wine,clam sauce has to be my favorite.
On the 10th and 11th, we are excited to be playing as a four piece band again, with Ron Rodkin on Bass. We start the weekend by playing The Arnold House on Shandalee Road in Livingston Manor in their BBQ Barn. The next day we’re taking a little trip to Clinton New Jersey to play a 7:30pm time slot on The River Stage at The Black Potatoe Festival.  We’re especially excited to be playing The Black Potatoe Festival because they focus on unsigned independent artists, providing a wide range of great music that’s beyond what main stream music industry wants you to like.  It looks like clear weather forSaturday evening and we’re ready to jam out!
The following week we are just as busy (if not busier). We’re playing River Edge in Mongaup Valley on the 15th, Hotel Belvidere’s open mic night on the 16th, The Fare in Honesdale on the 17th, and last ,but definitely not least, The Phillipsport Community Center’s music night on the 18th where we are excited to be opening up for RJ Storm and Old School.  This last show is especially meaningful to me because when I first started out as a songwriter the folks in Phillipsport truly listened to me and praised me in a very inspiring way.  I’ve grown as a musician since that first time playing there and attribute my new found confidence to those who supported me from the beginning. I’m very happy and blessed to be playing one of my favorite venues the night before we leave for our West Virginia tour.  We’re leaving on the 19th! That should be a whole different newsletter.
Blessings! Sara

May Sara Hulse Band newsletter-The Latest

So here’s what’s happening…

Spring is in full tilt now. Shows are picking up now that we have beautiful weather and everyone’s getting ready for summer!
The past month has kept us busy, playing the Vineyard in Bashakill, Albella’s in Monticello, and what’s become a kind of home base for us lately, Bakers Tap Room in Yulan.
Bakers is a fun show, where they love us and we love them. What’s not to love? Great burgers & pizza (along with a great full menu), great beers, and the folks there are just so nice… It’s kind of become a testing ground for us, testing out new material, having friends sit in, it’s just plain cozy… If you come out to Bakers, it’s more than likely you’ll hear something out of the ordinary for us.

A new CD

We’ve also started preliminary work on a 2nd CD for Sara, recording basic tracks. Sara is soooo good to work with-two takes and we have it. No headphones. No click track. Just Sara, her uke, and her beautiful voice.
We’ll be posting tracks at as we progress, so check there for updates.

A podcast?

We’re trying to get a monthly webcast started, “The kitchen sessions” is the working title. Sort of a kitchen jam session with various guests and friends joining us. This is all in the embryonic stage: just getting started, still too many details to iron out, but we like the concept. Need a time, need a place. So much to do. So little time..

What’s coming up…

Check our list of shows coming up in the next month (as of now that is, subject to constant change of course.)
Plus, there’s always some new project in the works You can check the latest and complete schedule several months out at:

Thu May 07 15 06:00 PM Froggy Daze Fest in Narrowsburg, NY – A good old hippie river festival
Sat May 09 15 07:00 PM Dancing Cat Distillery in Bethel, NY, With special guest.
Sun May 10 15 07:00 PM Rivoli Theatre , Spring Concert Series in South Fallsburg, NY –
Sat May 16 15 07:00 PM Baker’s Tap Room in Barryville, NY – Back at Bakers, with Casey Jones on Fiddle & Mandolin, also Ron Rodkin sitting in on bass. Something a little different for the night. We always like to mix it up at Bakers.
Sat May 30 15 07:00 PM Baker’s Tap Room in Barryville, NY – Back at Bakers, with Casey Jones. Great food, great beer, great people. Perfect mix!
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Almost Heaven. Maybe….I hope so

This post is about the past.
Sara never met her father. Her closest direct connection is one photograph. I’ve seen it. You can see Sara’s eyes in her Father.

When you hear Sara play the song “Legacy” you need to listen. Listen close. It’s not one of those buoyant, “feelgreat” songs of hers.

He lived in West Virginia. Up until 3 years ago when he died. I used to wonder why Sara liked doing the John Denver song Country Roads, the one that start: “Almost heaven, West Virginia….”

A few month back Sara asked me if I would go on tour to West Virginia; that she has family there that she just connected with online. Family she’s never seen.
My answer was, “yes let’s do a tour”

But the tour is not the reason-it’s the excuse.

So here we are getting ready, trying to book shows in between scheduling meeting relatives.

In any event what we do in late July is not about the tour. It’s about Sara connecting with her past, connecting with family she’s never met.
It’s far more important than a few gigs on the road.

But we will play it, and we’ll call it a tour. Maybe a little new exposure. Sell a few CD’s

We’ll be on the road in West Virginia from July 19th to the 26th. Wish us well.. Maybe not heaven but I’m hoping the closest thing for her.


Something New. 15 minutes, made in New York

Camera rolling…. hit it.

Kinda fun to be part of the pilot for a new concept show 15 minutes live, Made in New York.

It’s about the live experience. All the little things that go into a performance.  Meetings, logistics, setups, levels, tuning, stage position, camera position, fights, friendships.  You get the idea.

And it’s all done one take. No redos. Live is live.

Not that we were concerned. We’ve all done live, on-air performances. It’s just that, not only is it one shot, you’re done, just like a show, but it’s also forever. It will exist somewhere on YouTube for all our days. That edge puts you on game just a little sharper.

We knew this would be fine, despite the fact that Sara was croaking with a sore throat the day before. I made sure a little blackberry brandy was on hand “for medicinal purposes”. And all went well.

We had a great time, made some new friends  and got some great videos. And we will be back Rock City Academy in Pine Bush to host another show soon.

Here’s an outtake while we were warming up. More to come…..

Dream a Little Dream for Me. Sara Hulse Band


A Review of the CD

We just came across glowing review of the CD “Tabula Rasa” and the event night of the CD release party printed in the December 23 issue of the “The Sullivan county Democrat”

Click here for a review of Tabula Rasa in the Sullivan County Democrat

What a great Christmas gift!  Thanks to Tamara and the folks at the Sullivan County Democrat, and thanks again to Stacey and all the folks at the Dancing Cat Saloon in Bethel  for making the CD release party and  a great night happen.


Sara and Chris Cernak performing

Sara backing up Chris Cernak during his performance at the release party for Sara’s CD,Tabula Rasa at the Dancing Cat in Bethel,NY



Wishing everyone a happy new year. We intend on making alot more music this year, and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.


A bad way to start the year

The band had a personal tragedy in our drummer Papa John losing a granddaughter to cancer. Life can be so unfair. All our prayers go out to him and his family. And hope that, as terrible as it sounds, something good can come out of this tragedy.

A great night of music.

20131126-091958Last night we played a great show at the Sullivan County museum in Hurlyville, NY . Actually it wasn’t all that great for me-I was sick, coughing up a lung, quitting smoking, and broke a string half way through the show. Had to sing without my ukulele while it was having surgery performed on it backstage to bring it back to life. That sucked but lesson learned-carry an extra uke to shows.

When people tell you that you sounded great it’s hard to tell if they’re being sincere or just trying to make you feel better. I have a lot of dear friends so I guess I’ll never know. Maybe that’s a good thing. Other than all that, the night was perfect and we all still had a good time.

Anyway a special thanks for making it all happen to:

The Sullivan County Historical Society and the Sullivan County Legislature

The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance

Special thanks to Steve Schwarz of Steve’s Music for additional support!

Carol and Aldo and Little Sparrow for inviting us.

Everyone who came out to hear us.

You guys are all great!!!