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Update-the real band please stand up.

With everything going on, it’s tough to stay in touch here on the web site.  Life just seems to be a series of random events separated by shows. Or is it the other way around? Recently the gigs have been picking up but before that we haven’t had much chance to play the past few months. Sara got caught up living in a tent most of the summer, and finally got settled in a new place she loves in western Sullivan county. I’ve been busy doing, we’ll I’m not quite sure honestly.   It all blurs into night/day/night/day cycles. But I look back and it seems something was accomplished…

But we now have focus on getting a real full band back together. Get a solid bass player, a percussionist, maybe even a keyboardist(!!).  I’d love to focus on guitars, so we can get the songs live to sound just like the record. There seem to be an endless array of obstacles between us and that right now, from storms to sick kids, to you name it.

Bass players seem to be no problem. Same with percussionsts. Ah but the keyboardist..

We really would love to have someone with a classic piano and hammond sound. not much else is needed. If you like what you hear and are: good and seasoned/experienced/professional with a positive outlook. We could use you.

The pay isn’t so good (yet) but the benefits can’t be beat (if you love good music).



Fiddle & the Gin

The new video of Fiddle and the Gin, performed at Steve’s Music, Rock Hill, NY. A big thanks to Greg Fiske and Hard Disk Recording for the video and for all his help on the CD

Tabula Rasa available at Bandcamp

The CD is not done yet. But the album is now available at BandCamp. Yeah!

[bandcamp width=100% height=142 album=1131428329 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=fe7eaf tracklist=false artwork=small]