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Update-the real band please stand up.

With everything going on, it’s tough to stay in touch here on the web site.  Life just seems to be a series of random events separated by shows. Or is it the other way around? Recently the gigs have been picking up but before that we haven’t had much chance to play the past few months. Sara got caught up living in a tent most of the summer, and finally got settled in a new place she loves in western Sullivan county. I’ve been busy doing, we’ll I’m not quite sure honestly.   It all blurs into night/day/night/day cycles. But I look back and it seems something was accomplished…

But we now have focus on getting a real full band back together. Get a solid bass player, a percussionist, maybe even a keyboardist(!!).  I’d love to focus on guitars, so we can get the songs live to sound just like the record. There seem to be an endless array of obstacles between us and that right now, from storms to sick kids, to you name it.

Bass players seem to be no problem. Same with percussionsts. Ah but the keyboardist..

We really would love to have someone with a classic piano and hammond sound. not much else is needed. If you like what you hear and are: good and seasoned/experienced/professional with a positive outlook. We could use you.

The pay isn’t so good (yet) but the benefits can’t be beat (if you love good music).



The Big Apple Indie Music Series and the Sara Hulse Band

We are looking to have a great time diving into the debut gig in New York City for the Sara Hulse Band, playing at Toshi’s this Wednesday night at 8:30. Hope we make a nice big splash!!


The Flyer for the showcase TBAIMS show

The Flyer for the showcase TBAIMS show

The CD-in it’s physical form.


P1070285 -1

The CD has finally taken on physical form. To celebrate, we have a CD release party lined up at the Dancing Cat Saloon on Friday evening, May 30. We’ll have some special musical guests joining us and we’ll have CD’s available at the Merchtable.

But before then a few other thing happening.

Philipsport Community Center: Philipsport, NY  A wonderful intimate venue, where we love to play, and they love us. May 17, show starts at 6pm.

Toshi’s Living Room: A showcase performance we’ll be doing at a beautiful venue on 26th street off of Broadway, in the Flatiron Section of NYC-we’ll be showcasing to put us in front of a good swath of Music industry people-you never know. And it will be the debut gig in New York City for the Sara Hulse Band-too awesome!

Mysterland: no, we’re not playing at one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world that happens to be setting up camp right in our back yard at the Woodstock 69 site. But we’ll be holding down the fort, musically, at the Dancing Cat, barely a mile away. When the DJ’s shut down and the subs are powered off at mysteryland, you can keep the party going with us. We know how to party!

A busy May has materialized- and we are ready to go!


Fiddle & the Gin

The new video of Fiddle and the Gin, performed at Steve’s Music, Rock Hill, NY. A big thanks to Greg Fiske and Hard Disk Recording for the video and for all his help on the CD

A word about the CD and a small request…

It’s been a long cold lonely winter.. George Harrison

Yeah well goodbye old man winter. Hey spring, so glad to see you back! Out with the winter funk and the winter junk. It’s time to get back to playing!

And the CD is back on track and it’s this close to being completely done. I was waiting for Sara to write a few words for the CD cover copy. I kept after her about the text to finish up the CD. She stated “I’m not that good with words…”  I thought that was pretty funny.  Jeez you could’ve fooled me, Sara; I think you do pretty good with putting word together when they’re in songs….

So I recently got back to finalizing the master.

And after all the time and effort producing  the CD, and hearing all these songs about a thousand times each, I wasn’t much looking forward to running through them again, much as I love them.

Actually what happened was, once again,  I couldn’t stop listening to them. I could be Sara’s biggest fan – I can’t ever get enough of her voice.

Anyway the master goes to duplication in a day or two, after a few good final listens before committing to manufacture.

But as of Saturday (4/19), the CD is available for download on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and the rest of the web. And life is great!

So I have a favor to ask on behalf of Sara and the band. We’ve heard many of you say you love the music and the CD. If you do, please go to your favorite music store, (be it Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, or where-ever) and under reviews, if you could post a few kind words about how much you do like it, it will mean an awful lot. That’s all we’re asking.

But maybe, if you haven’t already and feel so inclined and supportive, maybe buy a download.  Or wait to pick up a CD at a show.

But if you don’t that’s cool too. Just please come out and join us. We really love playing and we really love sharing music with you.

Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting Sara.


Sara had this quote put on the CD:

“Dance when you’re broken open. Dance if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”-Rumi

This is my favorite song from the CD.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=1131428329 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=1131428329]

  Click here to write a review on CD Baby


Tabula Rasa available at Bandcamp

The CD is not done yet. But the album is now available at BandCamp. Yeah!

[bandcamp width=100% height=142 album=1131428329 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=fe7eaf tracklist=false artwork=small]

Depths of winter

Gigging is pretty slow this time of year in upstate New York.

So we’ve been finishing up all sorts of loose ends to get the CD ready for production ( it’s just record a few songs and burn them to a CD, right? wrong!)

Also working in new material with the band. And trying to enjoy winter. That’s been tough lately. This week it was 10 below zero, a few days later it’s 50 degrees and pouring rain. Yuck! Forget about having fun outdoors- oh well there’s always music indoors!

A bad way to start the year

The band had a personal tragedy in our drummer Papa John losing a granddaughter to cancer. Life can be so unfair. All our prayers go out to him and his family. And hope that, as terrible as it sounds, something good can come out of this tragedy.

A great night of music.

20131126-091958Last night we played a great show at the Sullivan County museum in Hurlyville, NY . Actually it wasn’t all that great for me-I was sick, coughing up a lung, quitting smoking, and broke a string half way through the show. Had to sing without my ukulele while it was having surgery performed on it backstage to bring it back to life. That sucked but lesson learned-carry an extra uke to shows.

When people tell you that you sounded great it’s hard to tell if they’re being sincere or just trying to make you feel better. I have a lot of dear friends so I guess I’ll never know. Maybe that’s a good thing. Other than all that, the night was perfect and we all still had a good time.

Anyway a special thanks for making it all happen to:

The Sullivan County Historical Society and the Sullivan County Legislature

The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance

Special thanks to Steve Schwarz of Steve’s Music for additional support!

Carol and Aldo and Little Sparrow for inviting us.

Everyone who came out to hear us.

You guys are all great!!!

Just moving in..

If your are reading this you’ve stumbled onto my brand new website. Welcome .

We just moved in here so the place is a mess (the website, I mean) , not sure where everything is just yet and there’s unpacked crap everywhere.

Once we get the place set up and comfortable, your welcome to look around. We plan on making this place home for the Sara Hulse Band, with an events calendar, lyrics videos, news and of course the songs.

Until then check back once and a while. We plan on keeping it fresh and interesting here.